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Peng Qureshi is a trusted household name in Pakistan when it comes to 360 degree solutions for hair, skin and beauty. Being one of the pioneers in Pakistan’s beauty industry, Peng has formed a deep understanding of its dynamics and continues to contribute to its growth and development. Mrs. Qureshi has a very hands-on role in Qureshi Group and 35 years later, Peng Qureshi is as relevant to the beauty industry as ever before as she understands that the beauty business is driven by change and influenced by trends.

She is the sole trainer for Guinot Institut Paris in Pakistan and has had a long and similar association with leading multinational brands such as Mary Cohr Paris, Masters Colors Paris, Mattioli Engineering Italy and CACI UK. She has trained numerous beauticians across the country over the last three decades and still travels regularly and frequently to conduct train- ings. She is also the Brand Ambassador for the L’Oreal Paris (skincare range) and Iabel.m in Pakistan.


15min one to one sessions!


To better facilitate all our clients, we are offering a
limited time offer of FREE 15 min consults!


Legalities / Terms & Conditions

• Consultancies are meant to a casual conversation offering insight / inquiry into proposed ailments brought forward by the client.

• Clients are expected to behave in an appropriate manner; no abusive language or inappropriate dressing or outlook will be tolerated.

• Products recommended by you consultant may be found in our e-store section.

• Clients are requested to be prepared for the consultation time; late arrivals might have their spots revoked in favor of following appointments.

• Consultant(s) reserve the right to cancel the call if the user is found in violation of the previously stated; all rights are reserved exclusively.


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